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EMD Bellaterra – Anglès Intermedi B – Activitat Sant Cugat

EMD Bellaterra – Anglès Intermedi B – Activitat Sant Cugat.

Hi there! Here you can see some efficient publicity going on. Great job!


Post Easter Break



The students found this news report about the best painting forger difficult but interesting. Teresa had decided to search the net to find out who he was before trying again to understand the report. Good strategy!

Art News

We are back to work. This morning my students enjoyed analysing a listening text for ‘fillers’. They said it was good to finally understand that they should stop wasting time looking for these expressions e.g. well, you know, um, erm etc  in the dictionary. They got the message that these phrases are just ‘time buying’ devices so that you can formulate what you are going to say next. Ok. But the interesting thing was that we really made the most of the material (face2face pre-int) by reading the script in pairs a) without the fillers and b) with the fillers and their rhythm and intonation was so much better the second time around it was great!

The best art forger report from Channel 4 news was discussed and BBC news of European Poker Tournament winner’s rude Tweet and apology.